Who This Is For

You want your hotel to step up and take part in the modern data economy, you know you need to get data protection and privacy right to enable your use of personal data.

You start here.

Owners & Directors

The ultimate accountability for protecting people's privacy and data lies with you.

You are responsible for creating the conditions where personal data can be used profitably, safely and legally by your hotel business.

General Managers

You already have enough challenges. As though price increases and skills shortages aren't enough, you also need to find ways to increase sales and profit margins.

Which means making the most of your opportunities to use personal data to the benefit of all concerned. That's easy to say, it is harder to do.

Specialists and Professionals

Hotel sales and marketing specialists, finance, HR and front office professionals. You know how critical personal data is to the success of your hotel.

You work with it every day.

Which means you are best placed to understand and capture the value of personal data for your customers and the hotel.