Your Transformation Options

The changes you want with the guarantees you need

Transformation is a critical element of the service you get with hotelDPO.

It is the change in capability you need and represents thr foundational outcomes you expect from your investment in privacy management.

In fact is transformation is so important we have two ways for you to achieve it.

  • Standards
  • Commitment
  • Value for money

That's what your guests expect of you.

It's what you can expect from us.

We guarantee it.

money back guarantee

Transformation Programme

  • The Transformation Programme is your entry route to effective data privacy management for your hotel.
  • It respects the efforts you made before you met us and recognises your needs and objectives when it comes to working with personal data and data protection regulations.
  • We take stock of where you are. Then we work with you on a readiness programme to get effective fundamentals in place. Preparing you to take advantage of ongoing membership of hotelDPO, if that's what you choose.
  • We can offer strong value for money by taking you through a tried and tested programme designed to deliver the personal data management you need.
  • If it is the appropriate path for you, the recommendation to enter the Transformation programme will come following a fact-finding session between you and a member of our team.
  • Every Transformation programme comes with an 80 day, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee.
  • In the unlikely event that - before you commit to an ongoing hotelDPO privacy management membership - you don't like the transformation and don't think it will work for you, simply tell us and we'll return your money in full, switch it off and we part as friends. You even get to keep any documentation we have worked on together.
  • That's how committed we are to making sure this works for you.

Transformation Package

  • The Transformation Package option is used in cases where you have a specific situation, set of needs or objectives.
  • For example, you might want to engage in sophisticated marketing consent, automated data discovery across multiple properties or legal juristictions.
  • Or you may simply want to ensure that your proposed investment in data protection and privacy management matches your precise specifications. Even if you don't know exactly what they are yet.
  • That's what the Transformation Package is for. It is the outcome of an initial Discovery Contract, where our specialists will analyse your hotel business and, after one week, provide you with a report of recommendations.
  • These recommendations form the basis of your bespoke Transformation Package. You can read about Discovery Contracts here.
  • Each Discovery contract comes with a delivery guarantee. We will deliver what we said we would do, on budget and on time, or there is a penalty to us:
  • If we don't deliver as promised, we will rebate 25% of the package fee to you.
  • Which means you have the assurance of getting what you paid for.
  • The fee for your Discovery Contract can also be credited towards your Transformation package should you choose to have us implement the necessary work.