Your hotel has special requirements?

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There will always be times when you need a packaged service which is tailored precisely to your needs.

Whether it is because of the size and complexity of your operation or because you have specific objectives you need to fulfil.

If this sounds like your situation then it's time to ask us to give you a quote.

The price is based on the size of your hotel.

For a fee of £19 per room our team will analyse your hotel business for two days.

What you get

They will come back to you a week later with a report of recommendations.

This report and the set of recommendations will be valuable to you regardless of who you then decide to do business with.

That value is assured because our report to you has objectivity. We know about your particular situation because we took the time to find out.

What we will do

We guarantee that after our discovery contract we are going to quote you a price. The discovery contract will count as a credit towards your purchase of your bespoke transformation package.

We will quote you for the systems, methods, technology, training and ongoing membership proposals.

We guarantee that if we come in and carry out the recommendations in this discovery contract, if it's not done when we said it would be done or it's not done in the way we said it would be, there is a penalty on us.

We will rebate 25% of the cost of the implementation back to you.

In effect we deliver a guarantee that this will be on time, on budget.

No matter what...

If you buy our discovery contract and then go with a different vendor for fulfillment, the hotelDPO contract will help you to evaluate that vendor better.

The Discovery Plus Contract

Alternatively if you want an onsite appraisal of your requirements you can ask us for a Discovery Plus contract.

We agree on the fee for our team to visit your premises and carry out a two day analysis. With a report of recommendations being delivered to you one week later.

The same terms apply for Discovery Plus as noted for the Discovery contract in the paragraph above. The same standard of report, the same guarantee, the same credit against the purchase of the transformation package described in the recommendations.

To arrange your discovery quote you can start the conversation by booking a free 20 minute call with us.

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More valuable than just a quote:

The Discovery Contract