A Better Way to Manage Personal Data

If you're going to have a successful hotel you need to start making more use of personal data.

Yet this can be challenging and confusing.

There is a better way to manage and make use of personal data - use hotelDPO products and services.

You will find information about each of them below.

The First Seven Keys

To successfully managing personal data in your business - an ebook.  Discover the simple changes you can make to start making data privacy work for you.

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Quick Start

This programme gets you started using easy to follow steps.  Delivered over 12 weeks with online tutorials and worksheets, you can work at your own pace.

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You'll Like It.

Guaranteed.  A privacy management programme delivered for you in 90 days.  You answer the questions, we do the work.  Money back guarantee if you don't like it.

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The Next Step

This is where your confidence really starts to build.  Outsourced data privacy management which lets you get on with running your hotel whilst staying in control of data privacy.

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Wanting More?

For large hotel properties and hotel groups with multi site operations, using more sophisticated direct marketing.  Your privacy management needs to be able to cope with the added complexity.  Enable your marketing with Better Data Privacy Management.


All Done For You

If you own or run the best hotels you will want to know they are being looked after by the best.  This package offers skills for the most advanced privacy management technology, the practical know how and the fastest responses to look after the personal data in use.

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Buying a Hotel?

Don't buy someone else's data protection time bomb.  Have us run a due diligence check first. We look for data protection or privacy issues you might want to follow up before you sign on the dotted line and make them problems you need to fix.  Better to be sure of your ground.

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Negotiate Hard

If the due diligence check suggests there might be problems it will be worth looking closer.  An audit report might help you hold the vendor to account. Giving you a negotiating edge.  Meaning less risk to your cash and reputation, more likely to enjoy a successful start.

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