Privacy Management for Hotel Specialists

Front Office Managers, Head Receptionists, Sales and Marketing Managers, HR Managers, Finance Managers.

You already know the truth - the closer you are to people and their personal data, the more privacy matters.

How Data Privacy Management Works For You

You have a direct relationship with customers, employees and their personal data.

When an incident occurs which involves that data, it may well be you who deals with the immediate tasks.

Yet when it comes to realising the business value out of the use of personal data, that's going fall to you too.

As is the protection of everyone involved.

Other people can decide the lofty ideals and objectives.  It will be you who decides how it all works on a daily basis.

Indeed, when it comes to working out how to manage personal data in your hotel it is likely you are the sort of person our team will want to talk to.  You know how things happen, where they happen and who they happen to.

Which puts a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders when someone else decides, "we're going to do data protection and privacy properly".

We recognise this.  Each of us in hotelDPO has walked in shoes very similar to yours.  We know what what the pressures and frustrations are.

So you work with us on your terms.  We're here to support you with established, realistic and practical methods to make the outcomes you want happen.  One transformation at a time.

Make data protection and privacy all about looking after the interests of your customers in line with your business.  In other pages of this website you'll see that we work hard to make "trust" part of the return on investment of your time and money.  In practical terms, for your website and customer list building, what this means is:

  1. Reducing unsubscribers
  2. Increasing engagement rates
  3. Increasing the size of your customer database (increasing your "addressable market")
  4. Increasing opt-in rates, signups and sales

That's what you want, isn't it?

When you are ready to take part in building an effective, sustainable privacy management system for your hotel, let us know.  You'll find us with you every step of the way.

Enable Communication

Use relevance to earn customer trust so you can communicate to make sales.

Take Responsibility

Responsible data use is the key to success in the modern data economy.

Grow Business Relationships

Keep taking positive steps to build the relationships your business needs for growth.

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