Privacy Management for Hotel Owners and Directors


You are at the top of the business.  You are accountable for all things privacy and data protection.  You and your fellow directors.

You can choose to do it the hard way and keep on with the approach you've taken these last few years.

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If people have bored you to tears, droning on about GDPR "compliance" and those eye-watering fines over the last few years, it is high time you changed the record.

Data protection and privacy is really about Trust.  It's about building and protecting relationships in and around your business.  To start building trust today just click on the button below.


You create the conditions where things happen in the business.  You set the agenda.  Every business needs to grow.  When you invest in privacy management, you are planting the seeds others will nurture.

Build the trusting environment your business needs to find and keep the customers and skills it needs.

It all starts with a decision from you.

How Data Privacy Management Works For You

The buck stops with you.

Which is probably a well-worn phrase you're fed up of hearing but I'll repeat it as often as I like because bitter experience tells me to.

It's time to put my cards on the table.  Too many hotel businesses in the UK are failing to make data privacy work for them.

They made no effort, low effort or misguided effort.  Now, with the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, they need to compete.  Yet they're finding it a struggle.

The fact that you're here, reading this, suggests your business might be one of them.

Of course, that same fact also suggests you are a more enlightened soul who wants to do something about it.  If you are, welcome to our website - just click on the button below to get started.

You are responsible for everyone elses failings and mistakes.

It is up to you to make sure that your business is ready to protect personal data.

You want to be in a position to issue a response, not a reaction, when things go wrong.

...and they will go wrong.  When they do at other businesses, you may have noticed how many other owners or directors put their foot in it during their piece to camera for the evening news bulletins.  They react when what they need to do is deliver a considered response.  This is critical.  You need confidence in your privacy management before you can respond.

If your focus to date has been all about "compliance" with data protection and privacy regulations, then you'll know from other pages of this website just what we think about that.  If you choose to work with us, that will be what you did in the past.  What we're interested in is what you're going to achieve in the future.

A business which is successful because it is trusted by customers and staff alike.  Successful because those bonds of trust keep customers coming back for more and being prepared to pay higher prices for your services.  Services which are all the better because you can attract and retain the best employees because they trust you too.

Yes I say "trust" a lot.  It's really easy to be glib about building and maintaining trust.  It's really hard to do.  If it was easy, all your competitors would be doing it.  Go and look around at them and you'll soon discover that most of them aren't.  They don't know any better.

Yet now you're here, you DO know better.

There are a number of ways of thinking about trust and lots of sources of trust.  The bit I'm interested in talking to you about right now is privacy trust.

The building blocks of privacy trust are simple enough.  It works like this:

If your hotel business is faced with a situation where it can make use of someon'e personal data for its own gain but in doing so would put your business interests above those of others involved.  What would your business do?

Whose interests would win out?  If you came down on the side of your hotel, you've just lost customer trust and loyalty.  If your genuinely puts the interests of your customers and staff first, then congratulations!  You appear to understand how this works.

Yet the hotel industry in the UK is full of business owners and directors who simply aren't prepared to make the effort to get this right.  They can't see the benefit and they won't make the effort.

Fortunately for you, you've just found a resource which can explain the benefit, showing you the path and providing the effort and oomph to help you there.  To help you realise those benefots in terms of the retention of the customers and staff you need.  That's effective privacy management in context for you.

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