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When you add your details to this form you are giving your personal data to Allstrat Ltd t/a hotelDPO as the Data Controller.
Your Personal Data  - You are being asked to supply your name and email address.
Purpose  - The purpose of processing the personal data we ask for is to carry out an assessment on your behalf.
The legal basis for this processing is that it is  to enter into a contract with you and subsequently to satisfy the terms of a contract between us.
Your personal data will not be used for any other purpose without your permission, except in the context of fulfilling a legal obligation to which Allstrat Ltd is subject.
If you do not provide the personal data requested, we cannot fulfil your request.
Data Retention - Your personal data will be retained for the duration of the agreement between us and then will be retained for one year before being securely deleted..
Sharing Your Personal Data  -  Your personal data will only be shared with our contracted data processors (Kajabi Inc and Aweber Inc) which will process your data according to written instructions agreed by Allstrat Ltd.
The purpose of the sharing is processing necessary for us to collect information to enable us to fulfil our contractual requirements.
Data Transfers  - Your personal data will be transferred outside the EEA to the USA. The legal basis of this transfer is Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

For more information regarding your rights over how we use your personal data, including your right to complain, please visit our Privacy Centre at:

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Personal Data Due Diligence Audit

A demanding inspection of data protection and privacy management practise.

Testing compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR and other relevant regulations.

At hotelDPO, we know where to look and what we're looking for.  Which means this service is particularly valuable to clients in a due diligence phase before buying a hotel.

Don't buy the risks and dangers of someone elses bad practise.  Have us inspect them first.  If they are up to the mark you have one less thing to worry about.  On the other hand, if there are gaps to be filled, you can use our inspection results to help negotiate a better price.

This audit is not a guarantee of compliance with data protection regulations.  However it is a comprehensive assessment of what is actually happening, or not happening in the inspected business.

Inspections can be carried out onsite if necessary, which may involve additional fees.

We inspect systems which may reveal more about the business than they would like anyone else to know...