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You will quickly find items you can use. hotelpDPO resources are designed to help you grow in confidence.

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hotelDPO people have industry experience. We weren't always privacy specialists. We know what it's like...

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How do talk to someone?

Send us a message.

If you include a time you would prefer us to call you back, make sure you note it in the message, along with a telephone number or email address you would like us to use.

How do I know which package suits me?

We will discuss your needs in a one-to-one call. This means we will ask you questions about your business and what you want to achieve. Your answers will guide our recommendations to you.

How do I do data mapping?

Understanding your data processing is critical to the success of your efforts with privacy management.

For simple processing activities in a small hotel it is possible to manage everything on paper or using word documents and spreadsheets. Although you can do it - indeed Direct Members are given a system to help them do just that - we don't recommend it in the longer term (we provide the "manual" systems as a means of you becoming familiar with what is involved).

Data mapping is a particular skill which is helped when you use one of the many online systems available. We have carefully selected a few we like to work with, one of which is included in the "Good" Privacy Management package by default.

How do I manage access requests?

Managing data subject access requests demands care and deliberate thinking. There is more to this than meets the eye. All of the systems we use contain DSAR management modules to help you demonstrate your accountability in this regard.

How do I start the Transformation Programme?

Visit this page! (click the link!)

How do I manage consent?

Managing consent is an important part of your privacy work.

There is managing consent for the placement of cookies - which we can help you with of course.

Then there is the management of consent for direct marketing purposes. This is specialised work which depends on what you want to achieve and how much time and money you are prepared to put into it. The good news is that we can handle most of the work on your behalf using advanced privacy management systems to keep you on top of your responsibilities.

How do I get a cookie banner?

Ask us! We can set you up with a properly configured cookie banner very quickly.

How do I control my data processors?

One of the biggest challenges hoteliers face these days is being able to hold data processors to account. In particular technology vendors. Some are very good at helping you to uphold data protection rights, others less so.

We can provide you with systems, processes and know-how to help you to establish - and stay in - control of these relationships.

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