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How Data Privacy Management Works For You

On this page we get the chance to explain what we mean by those four things you really want from data protection and privacy management at your hotel.  The four pillars if you like.

Including the pillar which remains your dirty little secret.


When you move your organisation from one place to another.  That's transformation.  When you are able to see a change in your capabilities or a change in the results you get from your expenditure of time and/or money.  That's transformation.

Some hotels haven't experienced the right kind of transformation since the new Data Protection Act came into effect.  For some reason, their sales aren't improving, there isn't enough trust in and around the business, things don't feel as "in control" as you would like.  The last few years have generated a lot of heat and no light.  Some hotel managers have decided not to bother with looking after customer personal data.  They will never experience the transformation.  Yet you, you are reading this.  You want transformation.  Membership of hotelDPO gets you transformation.


When you have someone in your corner, looking after your best interests.  That's advocacy.  Your interests as a hotelier are best served alongside the interests of your data subjects - of your customers and staff.  This is one reason why outsourcing aspects of your data privacy work to an external source can work wonders for your hotel business.  The advice you get from us is about upholding privacy rights and observing data protection principles.  We help you tackle incidents, breaches and access requests.  You are the member, we are the service provider.  And advocacy is part of the service, standing alongside you.

Peace of Mind

Combine transformation with advocacy and you get peace of mind.

The knowledge that your business is doing the right things.  Proving that it is making steady progress.  Increasingly capable of behaving properly when it comes to handling personal data.

The reassurance of having someone there to work on your behalf.  To guide, to cushion the blows where at all possible.

This is a combination that helps you sleep at night.  One less thing to worry about.

For none of this to take up any of your time.  At all.

It's the dirty little secret some hoteliers won't talk about. 

You don't really want to do any of this, do you?

The reality is you're already busy.  There isn't enough time.  The truth is that managing data privacy is a time consuming job.  It takes experience, skill and knowledge.  Yes you can do a quick-fix.  There are plenty of cheap templates you can use to put a sticking plaster over what passes for data protection in some hotels.  Yet these minimal efforts will never let you enjoy the benefits of properly stepping up to your rightful place in the modern data economy.

The fact is, data privacy management needs to take up some of your time.  It's important.  So why not take advantage of your ability to leverage that time?  hotelDPO services are designed to simplify the interface between your work and ours.  Interact with us and we can make you look even better than you already are.  We make the effort, you reap the benefits.

As someone put it during one of our team meetings recently:  A hotelDPO membership is like joining a gym.  Except all you need to do is pay the membership and answer some questions from time to time.  hotelDPO will go along to the gym and put in the miles on the treadmill, lift the weights and do the crunches, yet it's you who will get fitter.  That's how outsourcing your data privacy management to hotelDPO works.  Just one of the benefits of membership.


Gets your data privacy use from where you are today to where you want to be.



Someone alongside you, in your corner, keeping you informed, prepared to act on your behalf.

Done For You

Take advantage of a service which gets it all done for you.  Release your time to manage your business.  Let us deal with privacy.

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