Why Privacy Should Matter To You

personal data privacy Dec 11, 2020

Cards on the table.

We’re not doing this just because a regulation says so.

We protect personal data and privacy because it should matter to each and every one of us.  It makes sense on both a personal and business level.

As we reach the end of one of the most challenging years of our lives, those of us who have made it through ought to be thankful.  We are bruised, in many cases scarred.  Yet we are still here and we are preparing to make 2021 the year we recover.

We end the year with our privacy rights intact.  The GDPR enhanced our rights as individuals over what can be done with our own personal data.

The regulations also makes organisations and businesses responsible for upholding those rights.  Some are doing this now, many are not.  Others are doing it and are making the most tremendous pills of it.

They don't mean to of course.  They just...  are.

For businesses, the opportunity to extract value from personal data is there for...

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So You Think Your Cards Are Safe? Mistakes Happen!

data breach personal data Nov 11, 2020

Just when we thought we had all recovered from the Marriott data breach, up pops Prestige Software, a Spanish software developer, who have put at risk possibly 10 million sets of transaction data going back to 2013.

You can read about it here - https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/hotel-booking-firm-leaks-data/

Why Does This Matter?

First, it's not a malicious attack.  This one was caused by the most common method.  Someone made a mistake.

Mistakes happen.  In this case, someone misconfigured an Amazon AWS server.  For those of you who neither know nor care what that is, it's the computers on which much of our online activity is stored.  They are quite complex things.  Most of your technology data processors run their stuff on something similar.  It's all well and good as long as you employ people who now what they're doing and you have effective security and work monitoring in place.

Someone either didn't know what they were doing or...

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Personal Data In Hotels - Are You Bad Food Or Dirty Kitchen?

personal data Oct 24, 2020

As a hotelier you are keenly aware of your reputation locally.

There will be restaurants in your area which are queued out the door at peak times while others just seem to have the couple sat in the window table.  They wandered past and made the mistake of venturing inside and have now been used to make the place look busy.

People get to know what is good and what is bad and they respond accordingly.  When it comes restaurants, if the food is bad people will quickly make up their minds about whether or not to return.

And when the food is bad, they don't come back.  It can take a lot of effort to encourage people to come back and purchase again when their last meal with you tasted as though it had been strained through the sous chef's underwear.

I know this because I've run a few hotels.  Some better than others.  I've also managed catering outlets which churned out phenomenal volumes of food.

Get the flavours or textures wrong and recovery can take a...

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What Do Military Tanks Have To Do With Protecting Personal Data?

personal data Aug 31, 2020

The way that the military goes about protecting our society came under sharp focus last week when the British Army announced a review.  This involves the future of main battle tanks and may involve them being either mothballed or scrapped.

Not something you would immediately associate with personal data protection and privacy I grant you.

Until you read what the head of the Army, General Sir Mark Carlton Smith, had to say on the matter.

In a recent speech he suggested the usefulness of the tank was diminishing in modern warfare.  This is what he said,

"The main threat is less missiles and tanks.  It's the weaponisation of those elements of globalisation that hitherto made us prosperous and secure, such as mobility of goods, people, data and ideas."

Look at that!  He said DATA!

More than that!  He said THE MOBILITY OF DATA!

Part of the reason for scrapping the older warfare capabilities is the need to invest in new capabilities.  One of which is...

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