Personalised or Creepy?


Let's Make It Personal

There is no shortage of articles in hotel industry websites and blog telling you that "personalisation" is the way towards recovery or success.

Yes, they're probably right.  Personalisation IS important when you're trying to sell to people.  We all like being treated as individuals.  We all like it when it appears as though we really matter to someone else.  In the absence of eye contact, you can use a name and you can use what you know about behaviour.

(Before you post a comment that you can use eye contact online if you use Zoom/Teams/etc - yes you can but you need to be really, really careful - I promise you I'll address this in another blog post, let's just restrict ourselves to personalisation by name and behaviour today)

I like getting emails from people who use my first name and spell it correctly.  It's an important first step for me.  When an organisation has taken the time to associate my name with their message and has...

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The Outsourcer's Dilemma

outsource privacy Aug 16, 2020

Why would you want to outsource part of your organisation?

You know what you're good at.  If you're a hotelier, you're good at running hotels.  You might be less good at other things, which is why you make use of the services offered to you by accountants, lawyers, specialist cleaners, plumbers, electricians, Information Technologists, website builders, copywriters, photographers and so on.

Photography, for example, is an interesting one.  I am a keen amateur photographer.  Keen, but ultimately disappointing.

My wife is a trained professional photographer.  We can be standing in the same place and take photographs of the same scene in front of us at the same time but the images she shoots are always better than mine.  Her framing is better and she captures the essence of every scene more effectively than I do.  It happens every time.

She has forgotten more than I will ever know about photography.  It comes naturally to her (through no shortage...

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