Why Privacy Should Matter To You

personal data privacy Dec 11, 2020

Cards on the table.

We’re not doing this just because a regulation says so.

We protect personal data and privacy because it should matter to each and every one of us.  It makes sense on both a personal and business level.

As we reach the end of one of the most challenging years of our lives, those of us who have made it through ought to be thankful.  We are bruised, in many cases scarred.  Yet we are still here and we are preparing to make 2021 the year we recover.

We end the year with our privacy rights intact.  The GDPR enhanced our rights as individuals over what can be done with our own personal data.

The regulations also makes organisations and businesses responsible for upholding those rights.  Some are doing this now, many are not.  Others are doing it and are making the most tremendous pills of it.

They don't mean to of course.  They just...  are.

For businesses, the opportunity to extract value from personal data is there for the taking.  Done properly, this should be a good thing for all concerned.  Yet our personal privacy has never been under greater threat.  

So if your organisation or business makes use of personal data please remember this as you take your first steps towards 2021 - data protection and privacy is really about individuals.  People with lives.

These are the real reasons we work to protect personal data and privacy:

  • To allow you to live your life in a way that is only possible with privacy.
  • To think a thought.
  • To hold a belief.
  • To express an opinion.
  • To come and go as you please.
  • To avoid the gaze and scrutiny of those who have no business to do so.
  • The privacy to be and become.
  • The privacy to act!...  ...or not.
  • The privacy to belong...  ...or not.
  • The privacy to have and to give.
  • The privacy to leave and be left alone.
  • The privacy to experience your own life.  Yourself.

As we prepare to make our way in the world in 2021 I leave you with a final thought about the true meaning of GDPR.

Give Data Proper Respect.

In using data for the benefit of your organisation, you may find yourself holding the keys to someone else’s career, health, family, finances, relationships, happiness, desires, indeed their life.  Of course it may not be obvious to you but it does matter to them.  If someone less trustworthy gets hold of those keys, they can wreak havoc with someone else’s life.

Give Data Proper Respect.  It’s the right thing to do.  Not just because a regulation says so but because our society relies upon trust.

And in 2021 we’re all going to need to trust someone.


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