“See Our Privacy Policy” - Seriously? You want me to read your privacy policy??

marketing Mar 13, 2022

Boring, often copied from elsewhere, irrelevant, over-long and missing the point. There is a better way. 

You might recognise the problem straight away.  Especially if you have ever followed a link to a website privacy policy. 

They are brain numbingly boring 

Often they have been copied from a competitors website or are the result of somebody filling in a template but failing to read the instructions first.  

Most of the examples on hotel websites are difficult to find, hidden as they are in the bowels of the home page footer text.  You need to scroll a lot and make sure you’re well prepared.  Wear your best reading glasses… 

Then, having made all that effort, your time is wasted when the business involved completely misses the point.  The information you need is difficult to find (if it is there at all) and the “privacy policy” is about as close to the mythical state of compliance as I am to competing in the next Olympics.  If you met me you’d know what I mean. 

There is a better way. 

Use a Privacy Notice instead 

You see, there is some confusion about what a privacy policy actually is.  Even large companies are making this mistake, so we privacy professionals are often dismayed when we see other businesses copying what the big boys do.  They’re often wrong too. 

A privacy policy should be a document about how your business handles data protection and privacy issues.  It is for internal use.  In other words, it’s not really for your customers. 

What your customers need is to be informed about what you’re planning to do with their personal data.  The personal data you are about to collect from them.  They will use this information to decide whether or not they trust you enough to proceed. 

Good privacy notices are clear and mercifully short.  They do not involve scrolling for page after page.  So if you are making your customers hunt for your privacy policy, then search through endless pages of meaningless text, you are missing out on the real opportunity gifted to you by the data protection regulations.  Trust. 

Treat this as an aid to selling 

Your privacy notice is an aid to sales and conversions.  Period. 

Short, precise, successful 

Visit the link below to reveal how your business can do this better and stop frustrating your potential customers.  Bore less.  Sell more. 


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