How do you really manage the personal data your hotel business needs?

marketing Mar 13, 2022

Do you make the most of the value and competitive advantage at your fingertips? 

For many hotel managers the task of data protection is a hassle they could really do without.  Not recognising the potential benefits, they set off on the route towards the mythical state of “compliance”. 

And now, some years down the road, they are no better off. 

The boilerplate text is on the website pages, the ersatz “fill in the blanks” templates have been completed, the snake oil has been bought and consumed.  GDPR has not brought any business benefits. 

No sustainability 

If you aimed for “compliance” alone you have probably already realised something is missing.  You can’t see any results from the effort you made or invested in. 

The results aren’t there because compliance alone cannot be sustained.  Instead it needs to be supported, it needs to be kept in touch with your daily activities.  These daily activities involve the people around your business. 

This simply means your customers and your employees.  There are others of course but these two groups are critical to the success of your hotel business. 

It’s about the people 

Customers bring cash.  Employees bring skills. 

“Compliance” just brings hassle and headache unless you do take steps to attach it to the people who matter to your business. 

After all, we’re talking about the way your business collects, uses and disposes of personal data here.  This personal data isn’t an asset you own.  You can only take advantage of it if people let you borrow it from time to time.  While you have other people’s personal data on loan, you need to look after it so you can return it to them in the same condition as it was when they loaned it to you:  Undamaged, uncompromised and safe from harm.  If you don’t look after it, you’ll quickly find personal data can turn into the most toxic stuff you can handle. 

The notion of compliance with the regulations doesn’t fully recognise this problem.  You need more. 

Put management in place 

There is a value in the personal data you process.  You can use it to make and keep customers. 

There is a competitive advantage to be had too.  You can use it to make more customers and keep them for longer.  You can also capture and retain the skills your business needs.  But how? 

If you think you’re protecting personal data and privacy properly, I can tell you in 3 minutes whether you are or not. 


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