Hotels In Hacker's Sights as Technology Replaces Personal Touch

data protection May 03, 2022

It must be true.  It says so in the Financial Times.

In March 2022 the FT published an interesting article about how vulnerable to attack hotels can become.  You can read it here.

Implementing technology is expensive.  In many cases it is the answer to the challenge of finding staff to provide services, or at least part of it.  Check in kiosks, for example, are becomeing more common as hotels seek to cut their need for staff skills which are becoming increasingly scarce.

Hoteliers are also encouraged to "personalise" both the guest stay and sales promotions.  Obviously, personalisation means collecting and using personal data.  The more personal data you hold, the more attractive you are to hackers.

You see, these attacks always follow the money.  You will have systems in your hotel which handle transactions.  There will be key staff with access to payment systems which represent a juicy and profitable target for hackers.  What are you doing to protect your people and systems?

The attackers are both intelligent and well resourced.  They are patient.  They know that their day will come because they only need to get lucky once and their command of technical skills means they can automate systems which constantly bombard your technology.

You need to have systems in place to help to protect the privacy of your data every minute of every day.

You don't need to be part of a big chain to be an attractive target either.

So perhaps it's time to set your sights on some improvements to your data protection and privacy management.  Before someone nasty sets their sights on you.



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