Don't risk heading into 2023 armed only with

your 2018 data privacy culture...


Three customer questions you must be able to answer

...if you want to use customer

data to drive revenue and build relationships this year

Are you planning to make more use of personal data in your hotel marketing this year?

If your plans involve any of these phrases...

  • First party data
  • Zero party data
  • Personalisation
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

...then you need your prospects and customers to want to share their personal data with you.

Your problem

Your problem is that before they will share their information you must be able to answer the three key data protection and privacy questions on their mind. They need to trust you.

When your customers are looking for the privacy answers they need, you must have them ready, easy to find and understand.

And if you're using out of date privacy policies and systems you haven't reviewed for years or don't really understand, they are going to get in the way of the trust relationships you need to create. For up-to-date marketing, revenue and relationship building use, they will be obsolete.

If your prospects can't trust that their privacy will be safe in your hands, they will share it with someone who they can trust. Someone who has made the effort to answer their concerns. When that happens, it's not just frustrating, it's wasting your marketing budget.

Don’t let jaded privacy management hold your marketing back.

The solution

Your prospects and customers already know how valuable their personal data is. They don't want it to be vulnerable in your hands - so they want answers from you before they will trust it to you.

Now you can gain valuable insight about the three key data protection and privacy concerns on their minds. The questions you need to be able to answer if you want to use personal data to create those valuable, "persistent" customers every hotel is looking for.

Are you up to the task?

It all starts with the answers to just three questions.

It's even free to discover what they are today. All it takes is your email address to get started.

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What You'll DISCOVER

Why your customers value their personal data

The ways you can address

their privacy concerns

The importance of "persistent" customer relationships

Why trust matters

We did the research,

so you don't have to!

Our background is in hotel marketing and technology. We specialise in data protection and privacy management for hotels. In particular we aim to simplify the way the collection and use of personal data can be controlled and managed for the benefit of all concerned.

The aim is to make your hotel the one people can trust with their personal information.

The three questions are a result of the work we have done with data controllers and individuals over the years, not just in the hotel sector. There are always approaches and techniques used elsewhere which can be deployed effectively for you and your guests.

You just need to know where to look and be open to a fresh approach.

So we present some insight here about how you can step up and play your part in the modern data economy.

This part is free - no cost to you.

When you're ready to take the next steps you'll find the prices are remarkably attractive.

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