The business of data protection and privacy for hotels

Realise the value of the personal data in your hotel

Data Protection: Confidence for Hoteliers

You want your hotel to be able to take part in the modern data economy.

You want to be able to use personal data to get results.

Which will only work for you if you're confident.

  • Confident with customer personal data (to make sales)
  • Confident in handling your suppliers (to look after your interests)
  • Confident with staff personal data (to look after your business)

From consent for direct marketing to managing incidents, breaches or subject access requests and much more.

Confidence with personal data is good for business.

That's what you get with hotelDPO.

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How It Works

Let's start by being clear what you're aiming for.

Do you want to:

  • Uphold Privacy Rights?
  • Generate Trust?
  • Make Sales?
  • Retain Skills?
  • Sustain Performance?

...or were you just looking for compliance?

This is about much more than "compliance" with data protection regulations.

The notion of "compliance" alone is not enough.  You can regard yourself as "compliant" right up until the point the regulator tells you you're not.

Compliance is important of course it is.

Yet once you have achieved "compliance" you need to stay there.

Which means it needs to be sustainable.

Which means this really needs to be about your business.


In Reality, Data Protection and Privacy Is About More Than Compliance

From a commercial point of view this is about maximising your opportunities.

  • It's about being organised.
  • It's about enabling your marketing.
  • It's about creating trust to boost sales and repeat business.
  • It's about attracting talent to work with you and look after your customers.
  • It's about thriving in the modern data economy.  Not just surviving.

If anyone tries to sell you on the notion of "compliance" alone you should walk away.  Compliance with data privacy regulations on its own is a transient state which will disappear as soon as you're not watching it.  Compliance needs something else to work alongside it.

You see, compliance is only sustainable if you have the resources to maintain it.  Which means "cash in" coming from sales and satisfied customers.

From a sales and marketing point of view it means:

  1. Converting enquiries.
  2. Getting more from existing customers.
  3. Bringing old business back.
  4. Creating new customers.

You can only do these things if your prospects and customers trust you - and privacy is all about trust.  There is some serious low-hanging fruit you can exploit if you can get this trust thing right.

Not compliance.  Compliance can only make you look the same as anyone else who thinks they are "compliant".  Trust, on the other hand, is a relationship builder.  It differentiates you from your competitors.  Trust creates the conditions where sales can happen.

You can choose as little or as much as you like.

With hotelDPO you can access fundamental resources designed to help you manage data privacy for your customers and staff on a daily basis.  Practical stuff which quickly helps you to gain confidence in looking after the guest privacy experience.  Not just your customers of course, the people in your team need an assurance of privacy too.

At the other end of the services on offer is a full "Private Client" done-for-you service with an outsourced, named data protection officer (DPO) and team of privacy professionals working closely with your operations and marketing teams.  There still needs to be a close working relationship and oversight on your part.  This is informed outsourcing, not abdication of your data controller responsibilities (just making this clear, some people get a bit carried away...).

In between you have options to help you simplfy your data protection and privacy management efforts.

You see, you probably don't need to appoint a data protection officer (we'll help you work that one out of course) but there will be times when you do need the skills of a DPO and of a privacy professional.  This is a sector where things change quickly.  It makes sense for you to take advantage of a service which keeps you up to speed with all those changes without you needing to make all the effort.  After all, you can't do it all yourself.

You want to be a busy hotel.  Not a busier hotelier.

A Strong Start - Guaranteed

If you're serious about data protection and privacy management for your hotel you can start with the Transformation Programme.  We will work with your team to build an effective privacy management system for your hotel business, using the latest technology.  We even provide you with a guarantee:

  • An 80 day (that's possibly even before we've finished it for larger hotels) "change your mind" guarantee.  If you have worked with us, answered all our questions and engaged with our specialists and you don't like it and have decided it's going to be of no use to you, tell us and we'll switch the system off and return every penny to you.  You get to keep any documents we have worked on together and we part as friends.  Of course, if you choose to do this we're going to ask you why so we can improve our services for other clients.

The guarantee is there to make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide and you remain confident you have made a good decision.  It keeps us accountable and your investment safe.

Once the Transformation programme is complete and you have your operational privacy management system you can then choose which level of membership service you would like.  There are three levels:  Good, Better and Private Client.  Each of them provides you with privacy management services relevant to your particular requirements.

  • Good privacy management service is suitable for the needs of the majority of clients.
  • Better is for clients who have specialised needs orparticularly large hotels or multi-site operations.
  • Private Client is our "white glove" service.  Highly bespoke, specialised services, using advanced privacy management technologies.  For discerning clients who want the maximum support for their hotels.

None of them are cheap* but they are priced fairly.  Pricing is based on the size of your hotel business.  To discover more about how that works, arrange for a fact-finding chat with one of our team.

(* do you really want to rely on the cheapest privacy management advice you can find?  The industry is littered with examples of seriously inadequate data protection practice which:  Isn't "compliant"; is often out of date; puts people at risk and leaves hotels vulnerable to regulator or legal enforcement.  Of course it's your choice.)

Advanced Privacy Management Technology

We use specialist privacy management systems and maintain high levels of certification in their use.  Which means we know what we're doing, we do the complicated work so the relationship you have with privacy management is simplified, clearer, easier for you to live with as you go about your business.

It also means your system is built by us using software other (suitably qualified and experienced) professionals can understand.  So if you ever think we're doing a bad job, you can move to another service provider.  You're not locked in for any longer than you want to be.  You can choose ongoing monthly or annual service plans for both the privacy management and the technology.

Who This Is For?

For Owners/Directors

The buck stops here.  With you.

In most cases you are the "data controller".  It is you who is held to account for responses to situations when things go wrong (and if they haven't already, they will).  It is you who has to prove your business genuinely upholds data protection rights and principles.

You can't abdicate this responsibility.  Yet you can have a resource working alongside you - reporting to you and keeping you right as you provide the leadership for data protection and privacy.  Helping your business step up and play a positive, profitable role in the modern data economy.

How this works for owners/directors

For General Managers

You have the hardest job.

You have to balance the demands of owners with the operational needs of your team as they look after the interests of your customers.

You need to be able to see the big picture and retain your eye for detail.

When it comes to data protection and privacy management for your hotel you want four things above all else:

1 - Transformation

2 - Advocacy

3 - Peace of mind

4 - Ideally, for none of this to impinge on your working day.  At all.

How this works for general managers

For Specialists

Front Office managers, Sales & Marketing managers, Head Receptionists.

You are specialists in what you do.  You create new guest visits and you keep existing customers coming back.

You work with personal data day in, day out.  You are closer to the practice of looking after customer data than anyone else because you are in touch with real people.  So it's about time others started to pay attention to what you need and what you say.

Use hotelDPO resources to make sure you are on top of the daily data privacy challenges you face as you look after your guests.

How this works for front office and sales

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So much more valuable than a quote.  It even comes with guarantees!

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  • Discover the behaviours which help you to realise the value in personal data;
  • Understand how trust works for or against you;
  • Why "compliance" alone simply doesn't work;
  • How to approach this tricky subject so you can reach the tangible benefits of being responsible with personal data. 

You need to have positive reasons to make data protection and privacy management part of your normal business activity.  You will find some in this book.


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