Three data privacy questions you must be able to answer

Your customers have questions about how you collect and use their personal information.

If you don't answer them clearly they will be wary about sharing their personal data with you - with serious implications for your marketing databases and budget.

Now you can discover what those questions really are, so you can understand how to answer them. Which means you can realise the value in customer data for both you and your customers!

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A letter to you as a hotel professional

You want to make more use of customer data in 2023?

How you can end data privacy confusion for good

You want your hotel to be able to take part in the modern data economy.

You want to be able to use personal data to get results.

Which will only work for you if you're confident.

- Confident with customer personal data (to make sales)

- Confident in handling your suppliers (to look after your interests)

- Confident with staff personal data (to look after your business)

From consent for direct marketing to managing incidents, breaches or subject access requests and much more.

Confidence with personal data is good for business.

That's what you get with hotelDPO.

Start today!

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